WORK! 2: the Return of the Cart

...which signals the return of the B-movie title feature at the shoebox castle.

I just wanted to say that Jimmy is now officially employed by Le Mart d' Wal (Help me with the Francois, Jen). He is a cart-return boy. I'm more excited than he is; although he is happy because now he can get his license. (The sandwich making thing didn't work out for him--or should I say he didn't work very well for the sandwich place. Don't even get me started on that. Suffice to say he is now well aware of what he should have done. And now he is determined to be a good worker for the Walton family of stores) His orientation is on Saturday. Thanks to my mother for driving him to the drug screening and his second interview while we were out of town.

Anyway, Katie has orientation with another store in the Walton empire, Sam's, tomorrow. She's hoping to work in the bakery instead of cashiering, and has to talk to the manager about that. She has interviewed with the bakery manager already.

Off I go to Hayley's middle school orientation. Jim is at Paul's 9th grade orientation. Yay for school! (in my view anyway. I think the kids' view is "boo!")


froggybaby said…
Hooray for work and industry. If it doesn't kill you, you'll be alive.