The Great Room Switch Begins

Here we go!

Now that Katie is out of the house, I want to play some room-switcheroo. We have lived in this house nearly 10 years and have never played that game, and it's about time. There are some families I know who every time I visit, they've played Fruit Basket Upset (or Chinese Firedrill--choose your metaphor) with the sleeping arrangements. After 10 years, I had started to feel really boring.

Hayley is going to get the sewing room, which is the first room to get a throrough cleaning-out. But there is a lot of stuff in that room. See for yourself:
Notice the sewing machine--oh, you can't see it because it's under its cover. Well, anyway, that sewing machine and I have been friends for a lo-o-o-o-o-ong time. I believe I wrote about it in a post sometime back in April. You can also see a picture of my grandparents on the ledge (Hi Grandma and Grandpa!) and you can see a stack of pants on the table that I have to tackle. We could play a whole "I Spy" game with this room, it has got so much STUFF in it.

Below we have the view from the door. My serger is visible at the bottom on the right (Hi Sergei the Serger! He and I are mostly friends too, although he isn't quite as nice as my sewing machine. Sometimes he refuses to stitch after I've changed thread. My mother told me that I was threading Sergei wrong so I mended (HA) my ways, and I believe we have our differences ironed out. I understand it's difficult to play nice when the one you are playing with keeps treating you in a manner that is unacceptable. I have apologized and he has forgiven me). And my favorite picture of me (a drawing done by an acquaintance of my mom's back when I was a senior in high school) is on the ledge, right behind my tub of serger thread cones. And the time is 7:55 p.m.
Do you need Country Time Lemonade mix? Cuz I have lots. I also have lots of #10 cans of various edibles. I've got a bottle or three of ketchup, some cans of soup and tomato sauce. Tuna, chicken, honey, a bag of Vigo Yellow Rice, a big ol' bag of brown sugar, some salad dressing, green taco sauce...
You get the idea. There is lots to move out of this room. But I will do it. Usually when I get started on a major project, I forget to take "before" pictures. I remembered this time, however! Aren't you excited to be kept informed pictorially on the process?


Jen said…
How exciting for you! I'm so jealous. My little, craft room is still in shambles since moving here. Are those cabinets moving with the rest of the stuff? What about the food storage? I definitely can't wait to see the finished product(s) since you've got a lot moving ahead of you.

Are you going to decorate the sewing room? Paint it or anything? I once saw a cute craft room redux where they painted the walls powder pink and all the shelving/cabinets/craft table black. Then embellished with 50's style accessories. I didn't think I would like it, but it turned out way cool and so different from anything I'd ever seen. I wish I had the energy to do something like that.
Cupboards are staying unless Jim has the energy to move them. Hayley will just have to deal with them in her room. She doesn't mind, and I told her that she could even use one of the cupboards (the other two will continue to house MY stuff--Hayley is used to that though. Her current closet has jars of mayonnaise and spaghetti sauce in it). The food storage will move upstairs (Hooray for faster access to dried and canned victuals! I always had to send kids downstairs for food, soon they will only have to go down the hall! )

The only decorating of my soon-to-be sewing room will be painting it. Tenemos no dinero for anything beyond that.
froggybaby said…
I love the I Spy game and the sewing puns. Have fun. I just did a little (very small) sewing room upgrade. I made a quilt for a friend and her husband put shelves in my sewing closet. Travis and I filled the closet last night. Will have to take pictures! Can't wait to see your changes!