Sunday walk in the fall

Matt, Hayley and I went for a walk last night to chronicle any signs of fall. I've seen some brilliant reds in a few trees as I have driven around the area, but we didn't see any on our walk. But these pictures are a collection of things we did see.

An apple from my tree. The wasps didn't swarm them this year. I have to do something with them, but what and when?
A boy-made pile of acorns for the purpose of luring squirrels to the yard.
Some brilliantly colored berries or grapes.
Matt waves his jacket around.
Hayley and the world are spinning. Except for that red thing of hers. A neopet? A tamagotchi?
Some kids I know walk the balance beam. They make it look so easy.


froggybaby said…
Very nice photo essay. I love the colors and angles.