Ground control to Major Tomtom

...Or Christmas comes to Jim in September.

...Or Jim's dad finally convinced Jim to get a Tomtom (GPS and direction finder).Now Jim won't get lost delivering pizzas when it's really dark out. We went for a little drive last night so he could show me how it works. I had my camera handy so I took a picture of the screen of the tomtom. The display shows us on our way home. The tomtom even has little icons on the map for things like doctors' offices and schools, although I thought the school icon was a hockey goalie at first. I wondered what a little picture of a goalie was doing on the street and as we passed the elementary school, I realized the icon was of a school. In my defense, the pictures are really small. So yes, a hockey goalie can totally be mistaken for an elementary school. If you look closely at the upper left corner of the tomtom display, you can see part of the hockey goalie, uh, school icon.

Earlier in the evening, we went on another fall walk. Matt and Hayley like to walk with me and they chatter like agitated monkeys. Here are a few pics of the autumn colors we saw on our walk.


Jen said…
Hooray for Jim! I love my Betty, too (that's what the girls and I call her, Mike refuses to acknowledge her in that respect). Mike gets mad at me though because he says I get too dependent on her and says I should always have a good paper map and an old-fashioned compass handy (yeah, right!).

Our fall colors are also starting to peek through, but your pictures are so pretty. I like those white berries, how cool.
Not that I agree with Mike in this case (although a good regular map is nice to have, but just as faulty as a Betty can be), but we've already found a street that does not exist on the tomtom that DOES exist in real life. We drove on it last night. Tomtom was a bit confused for a few minutes.

OOOooo, naming time! The tomtom needs a good name (I do like Betty, but apparently, that's TAKEN).

Suggest names for the tomtom and I will send a prize to the person whose name is picked! Prize to be determined and will probably be something from my sewing room floor (not chocolate chips, thread, or labels).
froggybaby said…
Certainly not Tom. Maybe Floyd or Garrett or something different.
mastubz said…
Gara Pim Snevans.
I would settle for the chocolate chips. They are frequently eaten raw around here - by no one.
Dennis said…
Rarely do chocolate chips make it into cookies around here and if they do only about half of the dough gets baked (raw eggs?).
I think you should name your Tom
Jessie said…
well, first, gender must be determined. I see Mike & Jen have a female. So, if yours is a girl too, I suggest Harriet or Mable (old fashioned names for new technology - a nice juxtaposition). If it's a boy, I suggest Truman or Kip (Knight Rider, not Napoleon Dynamite). (Ok, kinda impressed with myself on "Kip" - cuz he was a taking car and your tomtom is a talking thing IN your car.) But, I also like Floyd and am jealous that Jenni thought of it first - hats off to ya, Jenni.
After talking to Jim briefly, he says the device is female.
Jake said…
Sara, I think you should name it Mrs. Luxury Yacht, but pronounce it Throat-Warbler Mangrove. Maybe there's a shortened version in there somewhere. I think you should at least stick with themed names (ie. yer cats).

Another Monty Python-ism ventured its way into my head the other day. At work, we started a new menu and we're featuring Barramundi (Australian Seabass). The first name no one buys, but you could attach seabass to the end of anything and the lemmings would pay anything for it. It actually is a type of seabass, however. Anyway, my members have become accustomed to Chilean Seabass (Patagonian Toothfish: also doesn't sell by this name)which is a nice, thick, meaty fillet of fish. The Aussie bass is not such. It is a much smaller fish to begin with, hence the fillets average about 7-8 oz, not 7-8 lbs. So, when we put it on a plate, a 6 oz portion is not as thick as a 6 oz portion of the Chilean. Here's the quote, "How was your seabass tonight Mrs. Snotty-pants?" "It was OK, but it was too flat." Sara, can you find the Monty Python Reference?

"I 'ad a pet 'alibut named Eric. Chose 'im out of thousands. I didn't like the others; they were all too flat." Or something like that.
froggybaby said…
For what it's worth, I think you should call her Aunt Roadie. The difference will be that you won't go tell her anything, she tells you.

Jen makes me cook and tutor her kids as they practice violin. Last night I made bruschette to eat with a chicken barley soup. It tasted almost as good as Jake's recipe but he used home grown tomatoes. I looked outside for Jen's tomato plants but the armadillo must have eaten them. So far, Jake hasn't fixed chicken barley soup for my benefit, so I can't compare the flavor on the soup front.

Hi everyone.
Love, ma