I like a bit o' brekky

Pumpkin pancakes with almond flavored whip cream=fluffy, creamy goodness that is quite filling.

Dave, them griddlecakes was good!

So Jim and I walked into the restaurant only to have the host say, "It looks like someone is waving to you." I wondered who it could be since Jim and I hadn't made any plans with anyone else to meet for breakfast at the Highland Grill. I knew it couldn't be Dave because Marissa said she's camping and I assume that Dave went too. But for a half a second, I was extremely puzzled as to who would know us there at the Highland Grill.

It was Dad and Sharon. Dad said that he read one of my comments on my own blog mentioning breakfast and thought he would go too, and just see if we showed up. And we did! So we had breakfast with them. They got the pumpkin pancakes too. Actually Sharon got the pancakes and Dad ordered bacon, eggs, and toast, and they shared.

We chatted about Katie, family history, Paul, Jimmy, driving a bus, and other things. We had a very pleasant breakfast (although I probably won't be eating lunch because the pancakes filled me up good and proper and that fullness will likely last until dinner).


Jen said…
Wow, that sounds like quite the coincidence. It's nice to surprisingly see people you know out in public.

I have to say that I don't think I could eat the pumpkin pancakes due to 3 different vomiting situations involving pumpkin products. I've sworn it off forever, I'm afraid.
All the more pumpkin pancakes for me, then!