Temples and other natural beauty

I took a lot of pictures during the drive home. We stopped a lot because there was much to see in Utah and Wyoming (again I say Wyoming is NOT boring).

Salt Lake Temple with the sun behind one of the spires:
Logan temple:

Bear Lake:
Did I go to high school here? Look at the gas price. Obviously the place has been closed down for quite a while.

Jim in front of a few of the Tetons. I could have spent a week here, wandering around on the hiking trails.

A boiling pot in Yellowstone:
Nother boiling pot:
Proof that we went to Yellowstone together. We are sitting in front of Yellowstone Lake.
Some Yellowstone residents:
Devil's TowerMore images on my flickr page. Link on the right.

Happy Labor Day! Jim just left with Jimmy for a driving excursion. I couldn't stand the thought of more driving, but Jim wanted to take Jimmy out for driving practice. They are going over to Wisconsin and back. I'm glad Jim is willing to brave Jimmy's driving.


froggybaby said…
Great photogs! Looks like you had a nice little mini-vacation all on your own. Glad you had that opportunity.
Dad E. said…
So happy you are home safe. Glad you enjoyed Yellowstone. Was there as a boy and later on, with my brother as a retired old fart. Beautiful place.... Sure enjoy being able to keep up with your family in this blog......