If you don't do anything exciting, you won't have interesting things to blog about

So you are stuck with a list of things to complain about and then a list of things to not complain about.

Shoebox Princess being whiny:
1. Two kids are home sick today. It's nothing to worry over, one has been feeling lethargic and "sort of" yucky and is full of coughs a mile long, and the other is suffering a "weird" stomach. Both have had runny runny noses. So they are staying home and sleeping.
2. My foot hurts after abusing it this week by exercising. My left foot is the wimpiest foot on the planet. I exercise for a week and it moans and groans and refuses to heft its half of my weight.
3. My sewing room is still full of stuff. There is a lot of stuff in it.
4. The lawn hasn't been mowed in a while. Between Paul's CC schedule and homework and Jimmy's work schedule and homework, there isn't a lot of time when they are available to mow. I plan to let Hayley start mowing soon, but she's sick today.
5. I have tons of apples on my tree and no time to process them into anything. Want some apples? Come to my house with a bag and pick as many as you want.
6. The housecleaning schedule for the school year has not been put together yet, so the kitchen floor is looking grungy and needs a good scrubbing. The carpeting needs vacuuming and surfaces need wiping and dusting.

Shoebox Princess finding silver linings:
1. I'm going to breakfast with my sister-in-law today at my brother's restaurant. Yay for food! Yayer for food not cooked by me! Yayest for chatting with sisters-in-law and very cute nephews!
2. Sick children are old enough and feeling ok enough to be by themselves while I go to breakfast.
3. Jim is taking a half day off work today. He says he wants to mow the lawn--I'm lucky I married a guy who LIKES washing dishes and mowing the lawn.
4. I have emptied lots of the sewing room out and Jim carried the boxes I filled out to a mostly clean garage. There is visible change in the room.
5. The leaves are starting to change around here! Fall is here! Pumpkins should be on my doorstep in a few weeks! It's time to put out my Halloween decorations and spread the Halloween quilt on the bed! Yay!
6. I practiced the song "Trolls" (a song for a children's choir for which I act as accompanist) all week and I got so much better at it! A few more weeks and I'll have it down! And that's the hardest song of the bunch I have to play.


froggybaby said…
I wish I was going to breakfast with you. I feel so left out.
Jen said…
Sick kids? Already? I actually have a sore-ish throat today, but I'm thankful it's not my children yet. It won't be long though, I'm sure.