When eating a cookie is a dangerous thing

Paul had another cross country running meet today. Fortunately it was a home meet so all I had to do was drag my butt over to the high school. I signed up to bring cookies for the team, but of course I waited til the last hour and half to make them. And the first batch burned a little on the bottom. But I made sure I didn't burn the other ones.

After finishing the cookies and boxing them up, I trotted my tushie and the fake child and a picnic dinner for her over to the field to watch some runnin'. I tossed my cookies (not figuratively; no, I LITERALLY threw the cookies I had made) over to the first Laker runner I saw and said, "Dig in." I plopped my hinder in a chair I brought and proceeded to spend the next several minutes swatting wasps away from my face.

A few minutes later, I heard Paul tell someone that he pulled a thorn out of his mouth and that it hurt really bad and his lip was starting to swell. Hmmmm, thorns....wasps flying around....swollen and hurt....

Paul had apparently inadvertently tried to eat a wasp-laden cookie. He said that he'd pulled the "thorn" out of his lip (inside of his mouth) and it was long and had a lump on the non-sharp end. Coach said to ice it, so he ran around for the next half hour with a plastic bag containing a few ice pellets jammed between his lip and gum like a wad of chewing tobacco. And he had about a foot of plastic bag hanging out of his mouth. He ran warmup laps like that. Too bad I didn't get a picture.

Footnote (ha! FOOTnote on a post about RUNNING. Oh, I am clever with the puns!): Paul was the fourth Laker in out of seven. He said he felt much better this race than the last one. And he intends to keep up with the third Laker next time. He sprinted the end of the race when there was a pack of runners closing in on him. I screamed for him to run fast and he actually obeyed.


froggybaby said…
Food is not supposed to bite back! Food is our friend!