Itchin' for a pillowfight

Ah, a break from posts about running. All those running posts were making me tired.

I packed a few more things in my sewing room. The shelves are probably 30% emptier now. But before I allow myself to pack, I told myself I had to sew something. Not a huge project type something, I just wanted to get those pants done (see stack of pants in the first photo in this post). I did do a pair today (Marissa, that makes 3 done. 3 more to go--I probably won't get them all done by Friday morning).

Then while I was cleaning out a shelf, a plastic bag fell on the floor. In it was a swatch of pieced material that was sewn from leftover pieces from a quilt that Katie and my mom finished for me. Presumably they gave it to me so I would make something with it, and I thought now would be a good time to make something using the piece. I made a pillowcase out of it. There wasn't enough of the piece of pieced pieces (that phrase makes my tummy all tickley) to do the whole pillowcase, but I had a huge hunk of yellow broadcloth that has been sitting around with nothing to do. You can't see the yellow broadcloth in the picture though. And I foraged through my scrap box and found a blue and yellow scrap that worked well (and was big enough) to make the strip on the left edge. I cut, I sewed a seam, I sewed another seam, and then a third seam, and behold, in just 5 short minutes (as opposed to long minutes) I have a lovely pillowcase to go with the quilt (seen below).

Quilt and pillowcase:
Now I hope I find the pieced pieces that match my bed quilt (made for me by my fabulous quilting seester Jenni) so I can finally get to sewing them up and have a tower of matching pillows on my bed.


froggybaby said…
How lovely! I'm so happy. I love the piece of pieced pieces part particularly. Very nice to get a little project done.
Jake said…
Sara, how many pieces of pieced pieces did you have before piecing together the pieces of pieced pieces? You never mentioned how you felt after completeing the piecmeal pillow pouch. Would you say that you were at peace with your pieces. I'm such a dork. Peace out. Jake
A tip o' the hat to you, Jake!