There goes the opportunity to take a walk...

10 things I haven't posted about but should have:

1. Can you stand one more mention of the Utah trip? While hiking the trail around Devil's Tower, I remarked to Jim, "I have only 5 or so pictures of Katie from this trip on my camera, but I've got about 25 of Devil's Tower." He replied, "She didn't have a path around her." I laughed so hard!
2. Katie doesn't have to wear scrubs at her new job.
3. She liked church this week and looks forward to going next Sunday and she might even go to their "Little Rascals" activity this week.
4. Katie now knows a Bruce Wayne.
5. Jake's club puts on a fab pre-Labor day party. It's open to the public (it's a private club) and Jake is kind enough to invite us. We always have a great time. This year, Mike and Jen and their girls were able to join Steph and kids and Mom at the party.
6. Matt was used as a prop in the juggling act at the club's party. He loved the attention. He and four other kids were used as obstacles in the juggling routine--the jugglers threw their juggling pins in back and in front of the kids.
7. The LaFayette club puts on THE BEST fireworks show. The finale is long and jam-packed with exploding goodies. And we get seats right under the show so the view is spectacular. You feel like the glowing ashes will land on you.
8. We are hosting 30+ kids on Thursday evening for a pre-race pasta dinner. The cross country team has dinner together the night before each race. I have to start making manicotti and lasagna like NOW.
9. I'm volunteering at the high school today. I'm going to put bar codes on English textbooks.
10. While I apply bar codes to books, I get to sit in a structure called "the fishbowl." Do I get fed fish food? Goldfish? Goldfish crackers?


Jen said…
Ha, I beat you on the mention of Jake's club carnival. Just kidding, I know it's not a race and that I'll not be getting a prize or anything for posting about it first. But if I did then I would feel really cool:)

Sounds like Katie is fitting into her new surroundings quite well. And it sounds like you'll be busy cooking for a few days. How often will you be doing that? I get really stressed just having to cook for the 4 missionaries in our ward which I happen to be doing on Wednesday. And I'm already freaking out about it.
Oh, I'm freaking all right. I'm only doing this once a year, thank goodness.