Magic Bus

Deep breath....
The last one just got on the bus. The house is quiet. Fake child won't be here for two hours. It's cold outside, perfect morning for hot chocolate. And I can drink it in peace! I get a daily respite from "Mom, can I..."

There are no pictures. Jimmy and Paul are too cool for first day pictures and if I can't have the whole set, I might as well not take any. Hayley and Matt both told me that there was no need for me to accompany them to the bus stop, even though both go to a new bus stop this year. I sneaked out to the yard to watch Matt get on the bus. I don't think he saw me. I just had to see him get on. This year, he's at a bus stop with 10 other kids (last year it was just Hayley, Laura from down the street and him) and most of the other kids' parents were at the stop taking pictures. I would have gone, but I was wearing slightly too big AC/DC pajama pants and slippers on my feet and all the other parents were actually fully dressed. I think I saw Matt get on the bus; I know I heard him get on--his voice carries.

I'm not sad that they are off, I just feel older. But the buzzing in my head will cease while they are away at school.

Last spring I did something I don't normally do: I ordered Matt's school supplies through the school. I figured since we'd be away for a good chunk of August, I would save myself the time purchasing school supplies this way. The supplies arrive in a box in time for the open house, or it's SUPPOSED to work that way. Of course, at the open house yesterday, Matt didn't have a box waiting for him on his desk. I know I ordered the box because I got the $5 gift card promised to me when I ordered the box. The teacher called the office and the secretary said she'd send out an email at the end of open house to see if Matt's box was delivered to a different room. But I'm not hopeful. So I will still have to purchase school supplies. And I better get my money back. And they aren't getting back their $5 gift card. Serves me right to try to save time. Next year I'm going back to buying the supplies myself. I like doing it anyway.

Matt wasn't too worried about it; the teacher promised him that they have classroom supplies enough for him to use for a few days.


Jen said…
Ahhh, isn't is nice to have a quiet home? I had that experience, if for only 3 hours, yesterday.

Poor Matt! I would not have been a happy parent to find that my child wouldn't have school supplies as promised on the first day. Isn't that whole point of them offering to take that task off your hands?!? And then the bureaucracies wonder why we don't want their interference in our lives. Sorry, I have no idea where that came from. I do hope that Matt will still enjoy his first days of school. Same goes for the rest of your gang (except for Katie who I wish the best to for her first days of WORK.)