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Katie no longer works for Sam's Club. Jim's cousin, Sara, got her a job at a doctor's office as the receptionist. It was Sara's job, but she's going to have a baby soon and just put in her 2-weeks' notice. The doctor took Sara's suggestion and interviewed Katie this evening and hired her on the spot. She starts tomorrow. She'll make appointments, answer the phone, file paperwork and be a pleasant face to people who come in to see the doctor. She'll have weekends off--which Sam's Club couldn't give her. And she'll get more hours than Sam's was willing to give her. And the pay will be roughly the same as she would have gotten at Sam's. And the big thing is that the office is within a mile of where she is living. Sam's was a 15 minute drive on the freeway (not including rush hour traffic). And Sara will train Katie, so they will get to know each other while Sara is still there. Katie is so excited!


Jessie said…
oh man - that sounds SO perfect! how great for Katie! Yeay!!!
froggybaby said…
How wonderful. Sam's would have worked and I'm glad she pursued it and followed through, but something better came along. What a relief. See, that is how it is done. Take the poopier job until something better comes along. You will be blessed! Please to send along Katie's address.
Dennis said…
I'm sure the Dr saw a young lady with her head screwed on properly, intelligent, courteous, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. And decided to hire her before someone else did. Having weekends off is a big bonus, and being so close to living quarters is just icing on the cake.
Way to go Katie!!!