I'm no Dora the Explorer

I ventured into the great unknown of South St. Paul this morning. I was to meet my sister-in-law for breakfast. I drove the white car, and not my nice blue van because my nice blue van had transmission problems (AGAIN. We will not go there. I cannot deal with it). So I'm in a car that feels like a prosthetic device instead of an extension of my arms and legs. I've mapquested the address of the eatery and had the step-by-step directions, but unirregardlessly, I got lost. Well, not totally lost. I didn't turn on St. Paul Ave when I was supposed to. I was able to turn around after a while and go back.

I do that all the time. When Paul ran at the Lakeville CC meet, I waylaid myself because I was in the wrong lane, which turned out to be a turn lane and I wasn't supposed to turn. I've driven past this place a dozen times, and yet I managed to take a roundabout way to get there. Very irritating.

Anyway, breakfast with Marissa was very nice. The oatmeal pancakes were delish! The texture was different than regular pancakes but they were chewier and more substantial. The lemonade was probably one of the best I've had--tart, sweet, and fresh squeezed! Marissa and I had a good chat. She let me rattle on about Katie, Jimmy and Paul, which was very nice of her. I don't think I rattled too much about Matt and Hayley. Owen ate eggs and toast and played with toys. He even said "turtle." He has THE cutest smile! And he kept pointing to the eggs that he threw on the floor, but I wasn't going to give the eggs to him. Marissa's bike contraption that allows Owen to sit up front so she can see him is really nifty. And Owen doesn't mind the bike helmet. I delivered the pants to her (the stack of pants in my sewing room), and Marissa, I hope you made it home with the pants still on the back of the bike. Did any fall off? Did you ever figure out how to get the basket to work?

I napped after I got home while Jim mowed the lawn.

And I put the Halloween quilt on the bed--I'm so excited!

Dave, word.


froggybaby said…
Oh, I have to tell Dave "word" too. Why do we tell Dave, "word?" I also want the oatmeal pancakes. I'm glad you are not Dora because then I'd be embarrassed for you that "Dora" and "explorer" don't rhyme.
mastubz said…
I have to tell you about the Dora that lives at my house. She is about 2 1/2' tall, and I found her in the road out in front of my house a couple years ago. She had tire marks on her torso. I put her on top of my shrubs out front, hoping her lost owner would find her. Next thing I knew she was on my front door step. So I brought her in, ran her through the washing machine, and now she lives here. Funny thing about her is we can lift up her bangs, and we then call her "scary Dora" - cracks all the grandkids up.
Jake said…
Jen, if you knew the theme song to Dora, you'd know that Dora is the Spanish suffix to "exploradora" which means an explorer that is female. Frankly, I thought it was abundantly clear. So before casting aspersions, do your homework, please.

Also, the reason "Word" is said to Dave is the following:

"word" is short for "word to your mother". Which is a phrase of agreement or mutual consent to part ways. It means take care of yourself my brothah (pronounced--brothah). Also, there is a phrase/lyric in a House of Pain song that goes thusly:

Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs,
I've got more rhymes than the Bible's got psalms. (and yes, the implication here with the apostraphe is that the Bible is able to possess things on its own).

So, in conclusion, "word" briefly describes all of the above mentioned examples in exactly one WORD.


The other reason I said "word" to Dave was because he asked me to put a specific word in a blog post. So I did. So along with Jake's definition of "word," I was letting Dave know that the word he requested was used. I like phrases with multiple meanings. Guess which word he asked me to slip in?
I didn't use the word "unregardlessly." :P
Dennis said…
Jen said…
Those oatmeal pancakes sound yummy. I wish I could meet up with the sisters-in-law for lunch every so often.

I learn something new everyday. Now I can also stopped being annoyed that Dora and explorer do not rhyme.
dave said…
"word" to all of you. Sara, i'm glad you liked the pancakes. I'm running some pumpkin pancakes with whipped vanilla cream for the next couple weeks if you find yourself back in St. Paul.

Dave, maybe I can muscle Jim over there for a Sat morning breakfast for the pumpkin pancakes, cuz they sound tasty.