I thought I'd do a random picture post today, but when I stumbled upon these pictures, I knew I had to post them. They are three pictures of Katie with some of the family who are watching over her in Utah. Katie was a week old when these pictures were taken.

This is Jim's uncle Art and Katie. He looks mostly the same except now he dyes his hair to give the effect of silver highlights for that mature look, and the beard and 'stache are gone.
David and Katie are about 5 months apart. David is a recent high school graduate, like Katie. David is a bit taller now, but the eyes are definitely the same.
This is Art's wife, Karen. She hasn't changed a bit.
Wrights and Stevenses, thank you for taking care of my baby!


froggybaby said…
Those are some great pictures. Hard to believe it. Well, on my website, you have a before and after picture of Travis and I. Wish I weathered the years as well as Karen.
Dennis said…
This doesn't relate to any of your postings but I have been admiring your Tracker and wanted to install it on my blog but I don't understand any of the techno terms. How do I know if I use frames or not and how/where do I insert the code?
I don't know why I want to do this except that it is cool to see where hits are coming from. You are getting them from all over, not just friends and family. That's really cool.
I guessed. When I got to the "do you have frames?" I just pretended I knew if I did or not and whatever I did worked. It will give you a code to paste onto your blog. You copy the code, open up your dashboard, go to layout, add feature to sidebar, then pick the html one and paste the code into that box. Most people who don't personally know me find my blog by googling "orange hair" "Lowlights hair" "bobbed hair" or "grease pink ladies." One found it by googling "Sousaphone petting zoo." I have no idea why my blog came up on that google search.
Jen said…
What a sweet post. It looks like Katie has come full circle.