Shoulda Coulda Wouldn't

Things I was planning to do last night:

1. Sew pants
2. Pack up more of the sewing room
3. Write for Creative Writing class
4. Clean up after fake child
5. Put laundry away

But I played Settlers of Catan with Paul, Hayley, and Matt, and I don't feel guilty AT ALL about not doing the above listed things. Hayley won. Jim handed out desserts and then fell asleep in front of the TV.

Jimmy was at work, pushing carts around. Jim drove him to work and told me later that when they pulled into the Wall*E*mart lot, Jimmy surveyed the lot and said, "Hmmm, not a lot of carts. Looks like it will be an easy night." He's already able to predict probable busy-ness based on an initial survey of carts in the parking lot. Get this child an economist degree!