Back to the grind

It's back to work for both Jim and me. I have fake child here until 3:30. It's ok though; babysitting this fake child is pretty easy. I have errands to run today and she's a good errand runner. Tomorrow I take her along when Matt and I go to the elementary school for the open house to meet his teacher. Fake Child loves going to the school. And so does Matt.

I thought Hayley would be sad that her big sister is gone, but so far, I haven't seen any tears shed. In fact, she's taken over the bathroom with gusto (and by gusto, I mean she's made a mess already). Yesterday, Hayley had two friends over and she was mighty pleased to be the hostess in her very own room. It used to be that Hayley was afraid to sleep by herself, and would want Matt to sleep in the room with her when Katie was away, but that hasn't happened this time.

School starts on Thursday. The summer has barely started and already it's over.

Today I must write a thank you note and a happy birthday letter. I need to go grocery shopping, mail a check to Katie, and pick up my new glasses. Then I must make dinner, eat quickly, and go to Hayley's orientation at the middle school. Then I must crash and burn and sleep til 11 a.m. tomorrow.