On the chopping block

Before on a really good day:
After allowing a young lady I know to "hack" a ton off and apply highlights and lowlights:
Don't know why this picture is so orange but I kind of like my hair orangey. Maybe I'll have that color done next time!
My long hair was driving me nuts. I am not a good stylist of my own hair, so more often than not, it would be stringy and limp. And ever so slightly wavy on one side in a way that is frustrating. So I put it up in a clip. But then I'd have hair that wouldn't stay and I'd get mad and threaten my hair with the electric clippers. Then my hair would cry, and pummel me as best it could.

So my hair and I decided to go on a date to the local salon and have a bonding moment. Then, before my hair knew what was happening, I ordered the hit on it and had it hacked off in the back. I'm ruthless like that. We'll see if my hair ever forgives me. Not that I'm sorry, though, I LIKE my new style. But then it's always nice to have someone else do the straightening and the spraying and the hairdrying and the ratting (yes, she RATTED my hair!).

What do you, the viewing audience, think?


froggybaby said…
I LOVE IT!! WOW!! WHAT A CHANGE!! Turning 40 has made you crazier than even I imagined! I didn't even list this in The Book, as it was just too rebellious! I love it! Now you have to get very large velcro rollers to set your hair - like I have learned how.
I do actually have some very large velcro rollers!

Turning 40 has changed me, yes it has. I realize now that what I thought as a little kid IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Light-haired girls CAN have short hair, and dark-haired girls can have long hair.
i think you should just wear the large velcro rollers in your hair all day. it would look beautiful.
And I could then follow you around school and tell everyone that you and I are related! And then your mom and I could dance. And sing.
Jen said…
oh oh oh!!! It is fabulous dahling. You are a totally new you now. Change that avatar with the old you. I really love it!!