The one day of the year that I have servants

Happy Mother's Day to anyone and everyone who wants me to wish them this!

Here, you will not see any goopy gushy writing about how much I love my children and how much joy they bring to me. Anyone can write that, but in order to mean it, you have to show it in action and it's hard to show action here on my bloggie. Let it suffice then to say this: I like my kids and I think that most of the time, they like me.

As for my own mother, I've already written out my card, but I would like to add that even through all the difficulty of raising the five of us (and even the BEST of the five got into trouble occasionally--shooting at a brother with a homemade bow and arrow and getting him in the eye was not one of my better moments, nor was giving the three boys buzz cuts when you weren't at home), you still made mothering seem like something I wanted to try five times over, even though you told me once, "Never have five kids." Obviously, I was still somewhat rebellious in my adulthood to have disobeyed you.

But I'm not sorry about it.


froggybaby said…
Happy Mother's Day!! Re-read the last page of your birthday book for my sentiments. I can't remember the wording, but I still mean it.

I laughed about you shooting Jake in the eye with the arrow and about you buzzing their heads without permission. What were we thinking most of the time. I often feel bad that mom was on her own with such awful kids as us. I was really a pain in the butt as a teenager. Who did I think I was?