I thought you said, "Weeest."

OK, this will probably only be funny to Jen, Jake, Steph, Mike, and Marissa (in other words, those who know where the Copper Stein lies in relation to my mother's house). And it's not funny to Dave who not only has he heard it already, he was the one who SAID it.

Last night, while at Dave's restaurant, Dave came out from the kitchen for a brief chat. He asked what we were doing after dinner and I told him that Jim and I were driving Mom and Katie downtown for the concert. Dave looked at me funny and said, "YOU guys are driving them?" I said, "yeah, you know Mom and her propensity for getting lost..." He laughed and said, "She could get lost coming home from the Copper Stein..." (then he started mimicking Mom on the phone by holding his hand up to his ear like a telephone) "Ooooh, I took a right! I'm in Orono!"

Here is the explanation that renders the joke as the "I guess you had to be there" kind. The Copper Stein is a restaurant very close to my mother's house back in the day (The Stein is now something else). Jake, Mike and Dave all worked there at some point (right, Mike? At least for a tiny bit? Anyway, Jake and Dave worked there a LONG time). Mom has been there at least half a million times. Orono is a city in the opposite direction from the Copper Stein as Mom's is. So, in order to find yourself in Orono (after driving for 10 minutes) you would have to take a right out of the Stein's parking lot instead of a left.

Poor Mom! But I laughed so hard. She asked what I was laughing at, Dave having beat a hasty retreat back into the kitchen. So I told her. She laughed, but it was the laugh of "I give up on ever making those kids respect me." We love you Mom, really we do! But we love a good laugh too.


froggybaby said…
Dave is so (that is underlined, capitalized, and bolded) funny. We never knew that growing up, did we. I can also hear him saying it with his over-emphasized Minnesota accent on Orono.
Jen said…
Yes, Dave and the other brothers are quite enjoyable company with their humor. Sometimes it gets overwhelming when you live with one though. If I even dare ask Mike to be serious for just a few minutes, then he acts like a robot. Yes, that's what I meant.

You're poor mom is such a good sport about the endless teasing. I must admit that I've found myself on many occasions joining in because it's just so easy to find things funny about your mom. I always have to ask her if she has any butter containers to store my leftover bite of sandwich after lunch. She always falls for it.
Jen said…
Ack, I meant "Your poor mom" not "You're poor mom". That would imply that you, Sara, "you are poor mom" which sometimes is the case with your much carpooling but only if I had a Russian accent.