Jim is gone, Day 5: The day Jim gets back

Still no jury duty, although if I'd been in groups 1-7 (I'm in 11) I would have had to show up at the courthouse basement (where they have installed the abattoir--Jurors check in, but they never check out--TOTALLY A B-MOVIE HORROR MOVIE IDEA! Someone call *insert name of famous schlocky horror movie director and/or producer here*) at 8:15 a. of the m. today.

Katie had her band awards night last nightShe got a pin for being in Jazz band, a pin for being the drum major, some Minnesota-shaped dangly things for contest participation, a flute keychain for being a senior, several certificates signifying her participation in various things band-related, and she got a hug from a mono-riddled band director. I hope she lives. And she got a DVD of China band trip pictures.

Birdies in a nest under our deck:


froggybaby said…
Baby birds are the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. I think Licky would kill them, though. Very sad to think about. Very nice to Katie for all her awards!!