Jim is gone, Day 3: Memorial day

I still miss Jim. He and his dad are in Nevada at the moment. They will be in Salt Lake by noonish and eat lunch there. They are driving all the way to Laramie, I think.

Jim missed the Memorial Day parade. This year we had two marchers. Katie decided to participate (seniors are not required to march) and part of it was because Mr. K the band director is out sick and so there was a directoring vacancy. At the memorial service after the parade, Katie directed the Star Spangled Banner and then went in for the assist on the other patriotic song, which I don't know the name of.

Paul marched in the middle school band. It was his first time I think. He told me that all the kids in the band know that his big sister is the drum major for the high school band because Mr. H (his band director) announced it in class recently.

Of course I took pictures. Of course I'll post them.

Video! Paul's band. Watch for the only French Horn player. That's Paul. And yes, that is me yelling, "Hi Paul!" Paul chose to ignore me.


froggybaby said…
"Hi Paul" from aunt Jenni, and what a big band you've got (water bag icer gut). Our Jr. high bands are puny in comparison. Very nice. The word verification is fatpxm. I wonder if the pxm feels bad about that.
It's actually three bands. Two middle school's worth of 8th grade band kids. Paul's middle school has two bands (it's a slightly bigger school) and the other middle school has one band. They mooshed all three bands together to make one big superband.

I asked Paul why he didn't look at me when I yelled his name, and he said, "I saw you, I just didn't look at you with my eyes."

froggybaby said…
Did he look at you with his nostrils? With his earlobes?
Jen said…
Ha, I heard you in the video...made me chuckle. Paul always has strange things to say. The strangest part of it is that he probably could see you in his own different way that is impossible to any non-Paul being.
Grandaddy said…
I guess I have the most talented grandkids in Minnesota. I have some in California as well.