Coupla things

I'm very tired. And no, that is not one of the "coupla things" I'm here to tell you about. I'm just tired and I want to go back to bed.

Thing 1: Jim leaves tonight for CA. Sunday he starts the long drive back in the truck with his dad. The truck is staying here, but his dad leaves next Saturday. The kids are excited to see Granddaddy.

Thing 2: Got an email from Paul's middle school band teacher. He (Mr. Band director) is recommending Paul for the top band at the high school next year, which means he could possibly be in the 9th grade band for the first trimester and then skip right to Wind Ensemble. He'll have to audition, but Mr. Band Director wouldn't recommend Paul if he didn't think Paul could make it. Katie didn't make it to Wind Ensemble when she was a freshman, then again, flute players are as plentiful as grass. Not so with French Hornists (or as Jen said, French Hornets). Paul seems not to care, but I do, and I'll make him practice for the audition.


Jen said…
Is the truck going to be for your boys or something? That would be nice (for you especially...LOL).

How fantastic for Paul? He sure is modest, but that's a good quality to have. It sounds like the Evans Family is quite the musically talented bunch!
Truck for Jim. Jimmy has laid claim to the White Lumina (Mom's old car). Katie is NOT, I repeat, she is NOT taking the purple car to Utah. Which means we have to clean out the garage to store it, or we have to move to Alabama or Arkansas where we can store an old car right out on the front lawn.
Dennis said…
Right now I am feeling one of the 7 deadly sins - envy. If Jim gets a truck then I do too. I have always wanted a truck but Sharon keeps asking me why we need a truck. I told her that it was to tow my boat. But we don't have a boat" And my reply - That's why I need a truck so I can get a boat.

Way to go Paul. I can't even play the radio much less a musical instrument.
froggybaby said…
Little Paul Horner,
Sat in the Corner
Tooting his little French Horn.

Along came Morg's Sousa
And did even excuse her
And took up all the space in her room and in the car and everywhere else. That thing is huge. And my poem fell apart.

May I feature your poetry on the front page of my bloggie?
froggybaby said…
Yes, but I need to change the "did" to '"didn't" even excuse her.'

My poetry lacks many things. However, it is different and it is true. She brought the sousaphone home and has plans to meet with a friend tomorrow to work on it!!