Jim is gone, Day 4: Ten things about Jim being gone

1. Jim is still gone; he's probably in Nebraska by now.

2. I actually heard the alarm this morning. Jimmy, who usually does, didn't.

3. Katie never hears the alarm. We have to beg and prod and cajole her out of bed. I got to do that today. At least there is no seminary so I didn't have to get up SUPER early.

4. Dinner is a heinous chore when Jim is gone.

5. I hate driving too.

6. I still on jury duty. But so far, NOTHING. Good thing today, though. I don't know who would have done the after school driving, since Jim is gone.

7. And I hate doing dishes.

8. But most of all, the evenings are boring and I have no one to talk to. I could talk to the kids, but it's hard to talk to the children ABOUT the children. They think I'm lecturing.

9. Jim is going to miss the band awards night for Katie.

10. This is getting old.

This reads like a major downer, but really I'm fine. And I'm doing all the things that I "hate" doing. And I'm fine with that.


Jen said…
I feel for ya, hon. I have to look forward to 2 weeks alone in a new town where I know nobody, and school will be out, too. 24/7 of pure girlyness...can't wait!!