More good news

I forgot to mention this with Paul's news about sectionals.

Jimmy got a job at the sandwich place! He came home and I had to ASK him how it went. He was hesitant so I thought he didn't get a job offer. But not so. His hesitation comes from breaking out of his comfort zone and doing something different. He is a little nervous about it. He'll start training and then when he works, he'll be on a 30-day trial period. He asked me if he'll get paid during the probation and I assured him that he would.

And another thing I forgot to mention. Today I went to Matt's wax museum and saw his presentation on Wilbur Wright. He did a fine job!Matt, as a non-moving Wilbur Wright.

Then afterwards, I wandered into the gym where the 5th graders were going to start their music program. I had told Hayley that I didn't think I would be able to see her program and she told me that she didn't mind. In fact, she assured me several times, "It's fine if you don't go." But I stayed to see the program. AND HAYLEY HAD A SINGING SOLO. She purposely didn't tell me! Her friend told me that she didn't want to be embarrassed in front of me! :( Anyway, I'm glad I went. She sang a verse of "We are the World" and did a fine job. Here she is, seemingly upset that I'm there in the audience. Afterwards, I went to find her to tell her that she did a good job, and she wouldn't look at me. I gave her a smooch anyway.

And this evening, she had a couple friends over for fun and s'mores. We kept the fire going for 3 hours--two hours after her friends went home. I think they had a good time.


froggybaby said…
Make good sammiches, Jimmy!

Way to sing, Hayley. I guess you have another one to follow in Katie's footsteps and start that whole thing all over!!
Jen said…
awww, he looks like he really got into the wax museum thing. what a cute idea. and way to go Hayley. I didn't think she had it in her to sing a solo (she's so shy and quiet).