Ten Things again

1. Have I done "Ten Things" recently? What do I mean by recent? This blog is fairly recent in its beginning, so anything in it could be considered recent, really. So the question is moot. It has been done "recently" but I'm going to do another "Ten Things" post.

2. Oooh, debating the meaning of "recent" took up the first spot. Now really, it's only "Nine Things." Ummm...or even "Eight Things" since I've used up the #2 slot whining about using up one of the slots on something utterly meaningless (or two of the slots).

3. Jimmy has a job interview at a sandwich place. He's very excited.

4. Paul came in tied-for-second in the mile run at his track meet yesterday. He can't remember how many participated, but he said there were at least 5 schools represented. And the top three in the mile were all from his school. His friend, MD, came in "way first" by half a minute. Apparently MD is wicked fast.

5. Hayley is having two friends over tonight and they are going to do s'mores at our firepit. *note to self: buy chocolate. Of course, one should buy chocolate even if one isn't having girls over to make s'mores...

6. Matt has his Wax Museum at school today. He is playing Wilbur Wright. He told me that since I have to bring fake child, that I should watch her and not let her push his button a lot. I guess all the wax museum people have buttons for people to push when they want the waxy people to start talking. (like Matt needs a button to start talking...)

7. Katie has a Humorous Speech to give as her final for Public Speaking. She is writing the 10+ Commandments of Standing in Line. I thought up "Thou shalt not make out with husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/strangers while standing in line." She will be including that as one of the commandments.

8. Jim leaves for CA in two weeks. Who is going to clean out the broken garbage disposal when he's gone for that week? I'll miss him, but he will have a good time with his family.

9. That covers everybody in the immediate family and I still have #9 and #10 spots open.

10. The end.