Newest member of the family

We've adopted!

Meet "Little Red Rider in the Hood":This is what Jim went to California for. It's a little truck with a stick shift (which means I will not be driving it. Me 'n stick shifts do not get along. Stick shifts talk crazy talk) and a topper on the bed, which means we will NOT be moving your piano.

The "boys" arrived yesterday about 1 p.m. Jim Sr. immediately unpacked the traditional gift of See's chocolates, which I was waiting for with ants in my pants. He always brings See's chocolate and butterscotch lollypops (spelled like that on the box) for the kids and so they've been walking around with paper sticks hanging out of their mouths looking like they are wannabe smokers. But I guess suckers are "hip" right now. Or in today's lingo, "tight."

Jim took lots o' pictures and I have to go through them all and decide which ones to post here. Aren't you all so lucky? Vacation slides! Jim never cottoned to the digital photography technology until this trip, until he it was incumbent upon HIM to get the pictures taken. I gave him a crash course in Canon usage on the way to the airport last Friday and now, after using the camera all over the western half of the country, he loves it.

Random picture that I found on my camera that I know I didn't take. And it was taken yesterday because it came after the truck picture:We have REALLY high counters.

I don't know why Paul is crouching down. That's what makes the picture kind of funny, I reckon.


Dennis said…
I LOVE the truck. Red is my favorite color and the truck is EXACTLY what I would have wanted. I am SOOOO envious, and a stick shift to boot. What more could a man ask for except maybe a boat hitched to the back of the red truck. WOW!!!!