Just a few months from now (2 1/2, I think) we will be going back to the lodge in Colorado for a reunion. For those of you of the Evans persuasion, here are a few pictures to whet your appetite for the trip. These pictures were taken nearly 3 years ago, so yes, some of the kids look younger.

The whole group of us who stayed in the lodge has gathered around the firepit in our nifty reunion shirts (THANKS FOR TIE-DYING THEM, JEN) for a picture:

Some tired girls (two Aldens, two Smiths, and one Evans) at Mesa Verde:
A group of us just after getting mooned by a lady who couldn't hold it another 50 yards:
Matt patiently befriends some hummingbirds (click on the picture for a closer look and you will see two birds at the feeder):
Katie on one of the many couches at the lodge. These two beauties are on the front porch of the lodge (facing the above hummingbird feeder).A family picture. Paul has grown about two feet since that picture was taken. Jimmy wasn't that tall back then either. He was standing on a rock.
Are you excited yet???


froggybaby said…
YES!! I'm so all over that, dude.
Rozzie said…
I cant wait to go back!!
Jen said…
i'm very excited to finally get a chance to go this time. it will be so much fun. I'm sure my girls will never want to leave after getting to spend so much time with their cousings.