Jim is gone, Day 2: Houswife meltdown

"Housewife Meltdown"--'nother great b-movie horror flick title?

Being the only parent is hard! Mom, come help me!

No not really. Yes this is hard, but only because my routine is altered and I have a hard time with changes in routine. And I miss my husband. Mostly I miss my husband. My couch buddy is gone and won't come back for a few days. He has been in the company of his sisters, who informed me that they want to keep him there. But he has escaped their clutches and is slowly finding his way back to me. With his dad along for the ride. Jim is under orders to take lots of pictures with Katie's camera and he says he is fulfilling that promise. Hopefully I can post some good pictures when he gets back.

I would like to post two things. Not pictures, but artwork. I asked Matt and Hayley for some pictures that I can use for printing birthday cards, based on an idea I saw on etsy.com. Hayley and Matt have been eager artists and I let them use the computer to colorize their drawings. And if you get a card like either of these pictures, you know that you have a one-of-a-kind piece of childhood art.

Matt's Robot and Robot Cat and Robot Fly:
Hayley's anime-style excitable preteen:
P.S. I gave a talk in church today on Family History. I did all right. I wasn't nervous and I felt prepared. I had to cut the talk as I spoke because I was last and the speaker before me spoke long. I couldn't have given the talk without the great family history work of my relatives, especially my Aunt Laurie. Aunt Laurie, your book on Pierce Hawley was of great help to me in writing my talk. Thank you for doing that work and writing the Hawley story. It is wonderful to have stories of those ancestors!


mastubz said…
Thanks for those kind words, Sara. I am always gratified when I hear the book is meaningful to others. I got a letter from a woman in Idaho a couple months ago, who found the book online through BYU. It was fun to connect the dots with her. She came from the Aaron Hawley line, and her family was RLDS. But somehow her parents managed to find their way back to the Church.
froggybaby said…
Our YW lesson was on "Heritage" yesterday and the legacy of the gospel our ancestors passed to us and what we pass on to our families. I used my "Hawley" book also and quoted the last paragraph on page 48 and the last paragraph on page 60. It was as if those two paragraphs were written expressly for the lesson - thanks Laurie!!
I used page 60 also!