Today's Sidetracking

I WAS going to walk for an hour this morning. I had done all my morning cleaning chores and was checking my email and uploading the oatmeal poem when I suffered a MAJOR sidetracking moment, on which I have just SPENT THE LAST TWO HOURS.


She came home early today and wanted to make graduation announcements RIGHT NOW. So I had to help. Anyway, this is the result of it:We tried several different programs and services only to end up roadblocked. So I took it upon myself to design it with whatever freeware photoshopping program came with the computer, and now Katie has uploaded it to the flash drive and is driving over to Target to order a batch.

The green lines are covering up our address. We all know it's not safe to give out too much information on the web and heaven knows I don't need some pre-vert showing up at my doorstep.

And Jen could do a better job, but I've already put her through enough to ask her to do this.


froggybaby said…
cute, cute, and very cute! Love the layout. Isn't it nice to do something with pictures and never have to even touch the pictures?
Jen said…
i think you did a fab job with the tools available to you. I tell ya, I've seen much less from pro photogs. Thumbs up!