• Four concerts in one week. Fortunately, they were all on different nights. Katie's Normandale band played last night. They played a good concert. Half the band members are older than her grandparents (one of the bari sax players passed away earlier in the semester).
  • Paul is on a campout--hopefully he survived a windy, soggy, chilly night. After the group decamps, they will go somewhere and play with their trebuchet. His troop has been working on the trebuchet for several Saturdays and it's quite large--6 ft tall, I think. Wish I could get pictures.
  • Jimmy is still submitting job applications. I don't know if jobs are just really hard to come by for teenagers or if the fact that he's not 16 yet is making it hard for him to find a job.
  • Matt graduated from speech therapy this week--he has undone his lisp! The final vestige of little-ness (other than his height) is now wiped away by society's desire for him to be "normal." HA. The lisp was cute for many years, but it was time for him to be done with it. He also needs new pants. The size 5s are floods now! Might he be a size 6 or--gasp!--a 7? He's 9 1/2; he should be close to the double digit sizes.
  • Hayley is still my huggy baby.
  • Jim and I went to see "Iron Man" last night--we haven't had a real date in months. We both enjoyed the movie, despite its many implausibilities. Jim said its like "Transformers" (I have not seen "Transformers" so I cannot comment on that).


froggybaby said…
The trebuchet thing looks intriguing. I am curious!! Good news posts. I'll be posting later.
Jen said…
You're too busy, as usual. Once again, I'll have to make sure Mike doesn't see this post as he, too, will want to build a trebuchet.

Isn't it nice to have a huggy baby? Mimi is mine:)
Jen, you can buy him a desktop trebuchet or onager at the link in my post.