Jim is gone, Day 3: Memorial Day Part 2: Attack of the sequels

I didn't shout in this video, but BEWARE THE WHISTLE (which I did not blow. That was Miss K). This is Katie doing the directorial assisting. Miss K (who is not shown) is doing the main directing. Katie is following her because she doesn't know the song (good thing she wasn't playing the flute!). The band was too spread out for them all to see the director, thus necessitating an assisting director. Now that I've overexplained everything, you can watch the video.

But first I have to upload it.

This video is going to take eons to load. I'm going to go make and eat lunch. I'll be back later to publish this post.


froggybaby said…
This work verification is "auvfme" which is what you tell your kids when you are trying to watch TV. "Get auvfme" Did Katie enjoy her last marching event? Does she want to march in college? Was she sad? Were you sad? Did I ask enough questions?
I think so, maybe, but maybe not.
Surprisingly no.
I don't know, did you?
Jen said…
Awww, Katie looks so cute (I'm sure she won't like hearing that). Surreal it must be to have one child almost completed with school and already with an AA under her belt.