In which I post trip pictures

I'm glad to have my man home. The garage door started acting funny when he was away, and I didn't know what to do. He fixed it this morning. I missed the back rubs too. And thanks need to go out to Cindy, who is loaning us her husband (a.k.a. Jim's dad) for a few days. The grandkids are especially glad to have another person to show off for.

Jim's trip picture dump:

Jim and his dadJim and his sisters

Some cousins we hardly ever see
You should see the web.
Foreshadowing of the weather to come for the whole trip
Raindrops keep fallin' on my hood
One of the MANY train pictures Jim took. He likes trains.
Guess why Jim took this picture
The weird sculpture in the Salt Flats of Utah.
A tree in Nebraska
Finally back in Minnesota, to the lush greens and the plentiful bird feeders


froggybaby said…
Nice to see a bit of the olde countrye. We's jus stuck heer in the saouth. I guess I'll get ridiculed for my accent. I tend to think of it as "regional dialect" which is something we go over in my American Lit class. And Hi to Jim Sr. and we'll be seeing him in Colorado!!
Jake said…
My only guess for the "BM" picture is that they needed to stop for a potty break. Am I right?