X things

1. "X" as in the Roman numeral.

2. Katie played the organ for stake conference yesterday. This is the third time. Fortunately, she knew about it in advance, unlike the second time she played for that particular meeting. I got to sit with her and pull stops and change the volume while she played. Unfortunately, we were in such a position as to be seen on the big screen projector that 2/3 of the congregation watched. On the upside, a lot of people noticed my haircut. Unfortunately, the haystack had a pitchfork in it. (Oatmeal flashback!!! Anyone else remember that book? I think Grandma and Grandpa Hawley had that book and I'd read it in wonderment while visiting).

3. Three pieces of cake is two too many, but still yummy. HA. I only had two pieces!

4. I did have three crepes.

5. Yard work is on my list of things to do today. Hoe the garden, plant some more peas, get the dead hosta sticks into the garbage, rake out the dead peony sticks and put them in with the dead hosta sticks. Hope they can get along.

6. Visitor #1200 to this site was the librarian at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Visitor #1234 (COOL NUMBER) was my cousin Megadaisy.

7. I love libraries.

8. Read C. S. Lewis's book Out of the Silent Planet for the 2nd or 3rd time. 3rd time. Definitely the 3rd time. Will continue with Perelandra and That Hideous Strength. Bought the books at a library sale.

9. Jim will be driving from Elko to Somewhere In Wyoming a week from today. I wish I could go with him. I actually like driving through Wyoming.

10. My oatmeal is all gone and I'm all done with X things.


Anonymous said…
#1200! W00t!!

What do I win?