Please sir, can I have s'mores?

After three days of trimming the dead wood off the lilac bushes, I felt a bonfire coming on last night. I tried to interest various children in the fire, but Hayley had a friend over and both of them are "artistes" and could not be dragged away from the drawing board. Paul and Jimmy were at church for volleyball, Katie drove them and when she got back, she burrowed into her room and I never saw her again. Matt came out for a bit, but then went back in the house.

So I played with fire all by myself. And I roasted marshmallows all by myself. I was a little worried that passers-by might think I was odd, sitting alone in my yard with a fire and marshmallows so I ate only four (marshmallows, not passersby).


Dennis said…
Nicec firepit. Parents are not cool even if they offer to make smores and to be seen having fun with them is even less cool.
froggybaby said…
Love the firepit. I can't believe that you had to sit out there alone!! Ah well. Sometimes alone is a great feeling.
Jen said…
I would've gone out there with you. Even though Mike has s'mored me out around here.