Things to do now that I'm forty

Just got one of THE BEST Mother's Day presents ever in the mail today!

Jen, you are AWESOME.

This is a memoir of my 40th birthday (which was last December). Jen did a great job putting this book together. My only complaint, which has nothing to do with the book, is that being the sloppy eater that I am, the first thing I did at my party was get a chocolate stain (from dipping a marshmallow in the chocolate fountain) on the front of my sweater, which shows up very well on just about every picture of me. Alas.

Here are selected pages from Forty and Fabulous: A Memoir:

According to the page above, I have quite a bit of living left to do. Jen included a list of things I have not yet done in my life. Based on her list, I have come up with a new set of goals so that this page need not be included in the book devoted to my 50th birthday.
  1. Get arrested. Rob a bank perhaps.
  2. Start smoking. Should I go with filtered or unfiltered? Menthol? Got to get me to Flavor Country (Mike, that was for you)
  3. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and flash the news cameras (exercise first--possible tummy tuck)
  4. Get on the Jerry Springer show. Anyone got any ideas on how I can ruin my life in a messy and televisible way? Does anyone know any deep, dark secrets about me that I can share with the masses? I'm comin' up blank on this one.
On to more pages...

*sniff* I love it!


froggybaby said…
behold the fabulousness!! I'm so glad you are that impressed with it. It was tons-o-fun to compile. I love doing that stuff.
Jen said…
what a wonderful present! i need to follow through and complete the many scrapbooks i intend to either finish or even start. i actually have a book like this almost done to use a portfolio of my photography to show clients and to also try to sell them a book like that:P