Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)*

Guess what??!! It's my 100th post! This calls for something special! And, boy howdy, are you all in for some special blogging treats today!

First, some milestone awards! (What occasion is special without awards?)
Congratulations to blog visitor #1000: Jen from Orange Park, FL! (Applause)
And congratulations to blog visitor #1111 (I like numbers composed of all the same digits): Jake from Excelsior, MN! (at least I think it was you--I don't know anyone else from Excelsior with your internet server who would visit my blog) (More applause)

No, there are no prizes. The recognition is the award.

Next we have ultra random pictures, taken just today!

Paul goes to school! Yay!Matt is tired while he eats Rice Krispies! Yay!

A pineapple! Yay!
Most of my shoes! Yay! I love shoes! Have I mentioned that? Yay!
And now for the Piece de Resistance (literally, "piece of resistance"), a very favorite thing of mine, BAD POETRY!

My Bloggie

Here I sit on the computer chair,
My left leg's asleep and I haven't combed my hair.
What has me caught in its time-consuming snare?
My bloggie it is; I'm a prisoner in its lair.

How I love to click on the icon picture frame,
And insert a photo--of my ugly glasses (oh the shame!)
I love to type sentences no matter how lame,
Oh, this blogging is such a very fun game!

Every morning 'round seven, I comes down and I sits
I write out my post using all of my wits.
And I check out the site meter to see how many hits
My bloggie has gotten. If very few, it's the pits!

But I do it because I want friends to know
What my family is up to, and also to show
How old the kids are, how much they did grow
(and to post pictures of projects that I or Katie did sew).

I've detailed events of my children's busy lives,
The music they play (to which I jives!)
The sports, the plays (but no juggling of knives).
(And please excuse the bad grammar that I contrives)

So I loves me some blogging, here at the castle of shoes,
And boxes and children and kitties in twos.
So please keep visiting so I don't get the blues.
Now, on to the second hundred posts for you to peruse!

(Applause) Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! (Standing ovation) No, really, thank you all!

*There's an earworm for you, appropriate for the day--"Celebration" by Kool and the Gang


meg.. said…
Congrats on your 100th post! I love reading up on your family.
Dennis said…
100 posts. Congratulations. You deserve some kind of award for perserverance and a special one for wit. Poetry was never my bag but I did enjoy yours.
froggybaby said…
Congrats! Do we send gifts? Are you registered anywhere? Thanks for the poetry. You have a talent that I lack. I only write limmericks and they are usually bad and I end up calling you for help.
Froggy, bad poetry is good (that does include limericks, although "bad limericks" usually means "naughty limericks").

Oh, my, no gifts please--the only gift I want is the gift of your readership! (I cannot say that with a straight face) :D
froggybaby said…
I shall continue my reading.

I also wanted to note the new heading!!
Thanks! The new heading took me literally MINUTES to set up. And then I had to put all those shoes away. The hoops I jump through, all for my blog.
Jake said…
Jen, while being the 1000th reader of the blog, one can't help but think that being the 1111st reader is better. It just is. Two words, "Spinal Tap."

Jake, I knew you would appreciate being the 1111th visitor! I'd been watching to see who would be the one to hit that milestone and how lucky you were!
Jen said…
Congrats!! I hope it was everything you'd hoped it would be:)