Prom Dress Update Episode 3.1415: Button, Button, Whose Got the Button?

Geez, is it almost done yet?

YES, thank goodness. And she's bought her prom tickets. Dinner is supposedly included, but she and her date don't want to go to the dinner. They want to go out just the two of them. They're planning almost a whole day together. Doing what, I don't know, and I don't think they do either.
This is the dress and the nearly finished overlay. Katie has dumped the buttons on the dress in preparation to decide placement. The overlay still needs its ribbon binding around the top.

Sewing on one button, just to see what it looks like.
It fits! You can click on any of these pictures for a slightly bigger picture.
Is it just me, or does Katie look ginormous in this picture? She looks like she's seven feet tall, and she's not even wearing heels. I don't know how I wrangled the perspective of this shot to make her look like she's Amazonian. She's really only as tall as the entertainment center in the background. And look, you can see my knitting wadded up in and around the ice cream bucket in the background. And you can see my laundry baskets off to the side. I have to place one upside down on top of the other to prevent the cats from sitting in the clean laundry until I can get to folding it. You can also see the hand weights in the background. Paul likes to use those. Don't know why I'm pointing out all this stuff; I guess I just like to type.


Jen said…
Very pretty!
froggybaby said…
Loving the overlay and button thing going on. You rock. What a pretty dress!