Now I just have to find my marbles

I found my knitting project! Most of you (everyone except my mom) didn't know it was lost. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. I had looked everywhere for it; I missed knitting while watching American Idol, Ace of Cakes, or whatever Netflix was allowing me to watch. The last time I remembered seeing was while I was at a band concert for three of the kids, I hoped I hadn't left it at the school. Tonight, though, I got desperate for some knitting time and looked in places that I would never actually PUT my knitting. And one of those places was the tremendous pile of clothing waiting to be ironed which was perched precariously on top of a large rubbermaid container full of tatty stuffed animals. Lo and behold, among the wrinkled blouses and fuzzy alligators, I found my knitting bag!


So I knitted about five inches tonight just to fulfill my need to twiddle my fingers.

Just thought I would let you know.

PS Jimmy made it through the first round of cuts for the sophomore baseball team. Further cuts on Friday. In honor, here is a picture of Jimmy from last year.


froggybaby said…
Hooray for knitting!! And, here are a few good look vibes out to Jimmy at Baseball. vibe vibe vibe ~~~~~~~