Biting commentary

Way back in January of 2007, Matt lost a front tooth. In March that same year, he lost the second one. It has been over a year since those teeth were picked up and hauled away by the Tooth Fairy. He has long since spent the money she left. Finally, this last week, Matt set out to replace his choppers. Here is proof, for those of you who believed that Matt would spend the rest of his life looking like he played hockey:

I had him brush his teeth extra well this morning before I took this picture, otherwise, you would have seen much more yellow in his mouth. The other tooth is coming in much more slowly, but we have been assured by his dentist that it IS coming in. He has had several blood blisters in his gums where the slow tooth is descending. Fortunately no blood blister today. Believe me, those blood blisters look really gross. Mike, how does he look?


Dennis said…
It's a good thing you told us that was Matt. I thought it might be some vampire wannabe. I cant believe it took over a year to grow a real tooth.
Matt has always been too busy talking to grow teeth, or to grow in general. All the energy needed to grow goes out his mouth.
Jen said…
Mike would be so proud of Matt's dental ventures.