Mile of smile

Paul's first track meet was today. He ran the 800 and the mile. When asked how he did on the 800, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I felt kinda sick halfway through so I thought I'd hold back a bit because I still had the mile to run." Then I asked about the mile. He said, "I came in third out of the 14 8th graders who ran." He said that he was 7th through most of the race, but once he got to the last lap, he started to sprint and passed up 4 people to come in third! And he was the fastest mile runner from his school at this meet. He said it was really a boost to pass people up near the end. Might he be getting an ego? But with the boost, came the urge to vomit too. He said he ate too much of his bag lunch (or snack) before the meet and regretted it at the end of the mile run. I told him that most runners hurl (heave, yack, blow chunks, hork, ralph, etc) after a long race.

I'd post a picture of him running but I don't have any. Need to rectify that soon, but the meet I go to isn't until May. So you'll just have to wait until then.


Dennis said…
How about a picture of him hurling, ralphing, blowing chunks, etc, etc
Jen said…
Hooray for Paul! Following in his twin's footsteps, eh?