So Katie and Taggart are off to Prom. We gathered at another friend's house (who they are double dating with) for pictures and limo. Taggart looks quite handsome in this tux. His mom said the tux place salesperson was very glad to have a swatch of fabric to match (Katie gave the swatch of fabric to Taggart's mom so there would be no question in the specific shade of yellow to match).

All of us parents were making more of the occasion than the kids were, but so far, for three of them, this is the only time they will be going to Prom. And the next time we get to look upon and take pictures of our children dressed so beautifully will be when they get married. Hopefully that day will be far off...

A word about the other couple. They made their dress and suit ENTIRELY OUT OF DUCT TAPE. It was very cool.

On to more pictures. As always, click on the pictures for larger view.


froggybaby said…
AAAHHGGG!!! She looks just beautiful. I LOVE the yellow. Absolutely love the yellow. The first picture is gorgeous and I love what you did with it!! Now I have to call you and talk to you about this in person! By the way, we LOVE the duct tape idea and I may go with it next year!!
Dennis said…
I hope the day and the evening were all they hoped it wouold be. Katie looks beautiful and should be very proud of the dress she made. I really like the color and Taggart looks handsome. Duct Tape? How unusual. At least they were probably the most colorful at the prom.
Jen said…
Oh, look at how beautiful Katie looks. Like a real princess. The yellow is perfect on her. No other color would have worked as nicely.

Love the duct tape suit and dress. I may have to make sure Mike doesn't see it because you know that'll be his next project:(
Rozzie said…
I love Katie's dress!! The duct tape idea is very random!
i want both the dresses...katies because its pretty and i like pretty things and the duct tape one because seriously, who else in the world has a duct tape dress?
And the girl wore her duct tape dress to church today!!!