It's another episode of "Random Picture" here at the Shoebox Castle. Nothing exciting happened yesterday so I have nothing to share about the life and times of my children, other than Paul needed a stopwatch for track so I bought him one and took it over to the school because I'm a nice mom and didn't have anything better to do yesterday afternoon.

My random picture today comes from a time in my life when I was pretty good at fixing my hair. I also used hydrogen peroxide in it, which I am tempted to do again, although I wouldn't actually use hydrogen peroxide. I'd just buy a box of hair dye. Straight peroxide does nasty things to hair, especially if you have a perm. I do like that color of hair, though.Anyway, my hair is stylin' for the those times. I kinda miss those times. I don't like how my hair looks when I use a straightener! I'm used to BIG HAIR with lots of curls. BRING BACK BIG HAIR! And when you have biggish hair, you need big glasses so your facial features (especially your eyes) don't get lost.

Notice the thick black eyeliner. I did that with acrylic paint! Every morning I literally painted on the makeup. Sometimes, I even make the black lines extend halfway to my hairline, just to be more dramatic. I was so "dramatic," I should have carried a fainting couch with me at all times. I did a lot of "Woe is me"-ing.


Dennis said…
I really did like your hair like that. I have been going thru thousands of old pictures in prepatation to scan them in to my computer. There are lots of you with "big" hair and big glasses. Some nice ones of when Katie was very little.