Step #1: Admitting you have a problem

My problem is that I like to make lists (especially lists of things to do, then I ignore the list)

Here is my list for today.

1. go to gym
2. clean the sink
3. make the bed (DONE IT--I like to include on my lists things that I've already done so that I can feel some sense of accomplishment)
4. fold laundry
5. mail a package
6. shower (I also include things I do regularly already, again, so I can feel some sense of accomplishment)
7. go grocery shopping
8. make dinner
9. blog (DOING IT, for reason expressed above)
10. pick up Hayley from school at 4:30
11. go to Katie's band concert
12. wonder why the cats' collars are on the desk and not on the cats
13. find the cats, put collars back on them
14. not babysit (yay!)
15. hear a strange noise and wonder if the cats are getting into something they shouldn't or wonder if there is something not launderable in the the washing machine.
16. investigate
17. get sidetracked from my list of things to do
18. moan to Jim about not getting anything done today

1. Done!
2. Done! Don't anyone use the sink now, please. I want it to stay clean for a little while.
3. All ready did it
4. Ignoring! Later--making the kids do it!
5. Done!
6. Done and I feel clean and happy!
7. Will do as soon as I write out my list. Later--Done!
8. Ignoring! Later--doing in a minute!
9. Editing!
10. Don't have to do yet
11. Ditto
12. Still wondering!
13. Done! But now I'm covered in cat hair.
15. Done!
16. It was the lawn service spraying dandelion killer. I thought we canceled the service! I guess not.
17. Done a little of that--still lots more to get sidetracked about!
18. He has conveniently gone AWOL today. I'll have to wait until nearly bedtime to whine about not getting anything done. Wait, I DID get lots done today! Jim, you are off the hook!


Jen said…
Sounds much like many of my "lists" that never get done. I, too, put the everday tasks on my lists. Even "don't forget to take the kids with you to the store" has made my checklist before. It was that kind of day.