Short updates on kids and a random picture

Katie: Mentioned the 3 Superiors on her contest works; out of those 3, 2 were voted "Best in Site." Each judge (there were four at this contest) picks one "best in site" who had the best score. Katie's solo and duet were both judged "Best." Yay for Katie! She left her Drum Major uniform on the computer chair and I'm now sitting on it.

Jimmy: He and I laughed over old pictures of him last night. He had to find a baby picture for his Spanish class and so we had an opportunity to review his past. Then I got all baby-sick and had a hard time not crying over those young-child years that are now forever gone. I told him that he used to be such a cuddle-able little boy. He was not amused. Nor would he consent to one last cuddle with his mom.

Paul: Should have began track yesterday, but the snow got in the way. He wore shorts all day even though doing so made me cold. He made cookies and shared with everyone. He tried not to watch The Muppet Show DVD that Hayley, Matt, and I watched, but he couldn't seem to leave the room. I even caught him laughing several times.

Hayley: Watched 2 episodes of The Muppet Show with me last night and we laughed and laughed. She is eagerly anticipating having her own room when Katie goes off to college, even if it means she has to transfer to the littlest room in the house.

Matt: Watched The Muppet Show and laughed and laughed (and talked). At one point, when Kermit the Frog was waving his hands (front flippers?) around and we could see the wire that controls Kermit' front appendages, Matt said, "Hey, he has strings!" I guess he hadn't realized certain aspects of the operation of a Muppet. And when the Swedish chef was on screen, Matt observed, "Hey, his hands look REAL!"

Random picture: Hayley and some butterfly friends at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair.


froggybaby said…
Love the update. Our spring sports are winding up. It is strange that you are just getting started. And yet, the school year ends at the same time. Cute picture of Hayley. Now, butterflies are just insects. Would she allow a whole bunch of cockroaches climb all over her? Millipedes? Spiders?

That's all I can say.