Paul's turn

Paul had a band concert last night. (We have four concerts this week--Katie's on Monday, Paul's last night, Paul's Jazz band Thursday, Katie's Normandale band on Friday. I'll be full o' music at the end of this week)

Here is the picture of him with his horn. When his band came into the gym to sit down before the concert, I went over to take a picture. But before I reached the band, several of his friends called out to him, "Hey Paul, here comes your mom to take pictures again!" Paul was embarrassed, but not so much that he wouldn't smile for me.
Paul's band did well and he even had a solo in one of the songs. He sounded pretty good for only having started on the French horn a year ago.


Anonymous said…
Nice smile, Paul!
Jen said…
That's great to hear how Paul is doing so well in such a short time. He must have real talent!