Katie's last band concert in high school

Last night was Katie's last band concert as a high school student. She and a bunch of other senior girls, to mark the occasion, wore formals. As you can see, Katie's formal was her prom dress. The concert featured the three bands for 10th-12th graders: the two varsity bands and the wind ensemble (of which Katie is a member).

There was a special part to the program too; Katie played a solo--as in she played flute with the band director accompanying her on the piano and nobody else played. She played one of her contest pieces (one of the two which earned her a "Best in Site" award at Solo and Ensemble contest), "Carnival of Venice." She brought the house down and got a standing ovation (paradox--"house down" and "standing ovation"? Discuss). I had forgotten to tell Jim that she had this solo in the middle of the concert (I am ashamed of this egregious oversight). Luckily, he was there to see it.

I have no pictures from her solo because I was recording in on VHS tape, in hopes that she can use it as part of an audition tape for the school of music at the U of U. But maybe someday soon, I can get it copied to a DVD, then to the computer and then maybe figure out a way to get it up onto youtube so I can link you to it. She did a wonderful job--all through the piece when she was playing notes all over the place, I heard whispers of "amazing," and "wow" and "incredible". And after the concert, she got many many compliments. I am a proud mom!


froggybaby said…
Very nice! It is always good to get at least 2 wears from a prom dress!! Maybe next year, too. I've been meaning to ask about auditions for the music program at the U (of U not M). I loved the paradox, by the way. Very deep. I shall ponder further.
She has to send in a video tape (not a DVD or a cd) of her performing 2 songs of contrasting styles and one major scale of her choosing and one minor one. She has yet to do any of this, except the solo from last night. She's picked out her other piece, but we haven't taped it yet.
Jen said…
Ooh, Katie is turning into quite the professional musician. She really stands out in her dress with everyone else wearing black or navy:)