Notes on a Saturday

Edited to add: These pictures were all taken on Saturday, hence the title of the post referring to Saturday instead of Monday, which it is today. Except the picture of Paul. That was taken a week or so ago or maybe longer than that. Does it matter? Probably not.

I looked at my labels and I have twice as many posts about Katie as I do Jimmy, more posts about Katie than Jimmy and Paul combined. This post won't rectify that, but at least I'll mention Jimmy and Paul, my oft-neglected subjects of the blog. But I still have a Katie picture so she'll get another tick by her name in the labels section.

Did I already post this picture? I can't remember. Despite his facial expression, he really is glad to have this shirt. Skullcandy is COOL at school. And even if everyone has the headphones or earbuds, NOBODY has the shirts. He gets comments on the two shirts he owns. Thank you, aunt Jen for the shirts! Paul's first track meet is this week. I'm not going to go because it's too far away. The one that I will go to is in May so I'll take pictures then. Paul has chosen to run the long distance races.

What is with these boys and their refusal to smile? They are both happy boys! Here is Jimmy in his newest Skullcandy shirt. He too loves having kids comment on it. Jimmy didn't make the school baseball team but he seems fine with that. He wants to focus on getting a job now.

Matt just wants to say hi and that he likes piano lessons. There was a talent show at church on Saturday (which I didn't go to because I went to "Grease"). Jim took the kids and Matt did sort of a standup comedy routine. He had a list of jokes to tell and got a pretty enthusiastic response. He can't wait to try out for high school plays.

Katie's dress is almost done. I am going to try not to post anymore pictures of it until Prom. Then I will probably post tons of her and her date. I've already warned them that THERE WILL BE PICTURE-TAKING--lots of picture-taking!


froggybaby said…
I'm glad you guys are getting mileage out of the Skullcandy shirts!!