Return to Sender

Let me open this post by banging my head on the computer desk.

*Bang bang bang*

I got called to jury duty in May. Argh. It's not so much that I don't want to do jury duty, it's that I'll be out $300 because I won't be able to babysit for those two weeks. I buy groceries with the money I make taking care of the fake child*. And while I do get paid for actually being at the courthouse, I certainly won't be there often enough to make $300. Civic duty be hanged--I need to be employed. Grrrr.

Thank you for letting me vent. On the upside of jury duty, I can knit or read while sitting on my keister at the courthouse--bring on the criminals! And I won't have to babysit for two whole weeks! (yes, I know I've just committed the grave sin of paradoxy)

Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled programming, er, posting.

*I call the little girl that I babysit "the fake child," as in she spends lots of time at my house, eats my food, naps in one of the rooms, but she is not my progeny. Fake child is a very nice 3-year-old; she's very independent, and capable of taking herself to the bathroom.


Jen said…
Hey, it's not so bad. The 2 times that I called up I was dismissed on day 2 (or 3) the first time and sat through a one-day trial the second time. You never know, you may just get dismissed right off the bat. I was so envious of the people that got to do that. Yes, bring lots to do. Even if you get chosen for a trial there's a lot of down time where you're just sitting in the court's back room waiting and waiting and waiting. They also give you a whole hour for lunch. That's fine if you have people to hang out with, but an hour is really long when you're by yourself with nothing to do:(