Prom dress III (or are we on episode IV?): Success with a zipper

No, we haven't just learned how to operate a zipper.

We've (and by "we" I mean Katie) learned to install a zipper. It may not be the classic installation technique, but it's her prom dress and she's sewing it. I told her how to do it and she wanted the stitches to be right up against the zipper teeth. It ain't bein' graded, so what do I care? As long as the zipper stays shut while she's wearing it, I'll not make a fuss about how much distance there is between zipper teeth and sewing line.
I made her twirl around a few times. A good prom dress must twirl appropriately. Twirly? Check!

Now for the shoes! Pretty shoes! Have I ever mentioned that I love shoes? Too bad these shoes aren't mine. As a young girl, I used to dream of having gold shoes. I'd even settle for silver ones. Anyway, here is Katie modeling her shoes.
P.S. I love shoes.


froggybaby said…
Twirling is definitely #1 on the "Do I buy this" list. I still twirl in dressing rooms. Katie's dress is SO pretty. Has Taggert gone on his cursory date so that he can take Katie to the Prom. Travis should call his friend and chew him out!!
As far as I know, no he hasn't. Sigh. I hope we're not making this dress for nothing.