Ten things

  1. Yesterday was very nice out. I even walked barefoot out to the mailbox and wore shorts to the grocery store. Mmmmm, 70s....
  2. First thunderstorm of the year last night! I do enjoy falling asleep to distant rumbles and periodic flashes of light out my window.
  3. My kitties REALLY want to chase the bunny that they see under the deck. Too bad though, my kitties are indoor kitties and have little experience bringing down a vicious beast like the garden variety brown bunny. Plus there's that pesky window between them and the bunny.
  4. Hayley has a band concert tonight! Our evening is going to be fun!
  5. Katie has a second round of auditions for High School Musical at a nearby community theater. She sang well last night. I had to drive her because she didn't know where the school was where the auditions were being held. Tonight she will drive herself.
  6. I think Paul has a band concert or jazz concert coming up soon--next week maybe?
  7. Katie too
  8. Matt is still asleep.
  9. Jimmy's lowest midterm grade is a B+ (in Spanish). He's actually getting an A in English. This from the boy who HATES to write even a simple sentence.
  10. I should probably wake Matt up now.


Jen said…
I love lists...this was very easy to read. Maybe I should start posting that way from now on, too:)
froggybaby said…
Yipee yahooie! This was really creative.